Your headboard wasn’t able to make its way upstairs to your room?

We are fully aware that even though we emphasise the importance of accurate measurements when placing online orders, these instances can occur. Please know we are here to help you navigate this minor hiccup.

We’ve crafted several viable solutions to help in circumstances such as these:

Option 1: Window Removal:

Some customers have successfully navigated this issue by temporarily removing a window to bring the headboard into the room. While this is more labour-intensive and may require professional help, it has worked for a number of our customers in the past. The costs associated with this solution can vary widely depending on your specific circumstances.

Option 2: Bespoke Smaller Headboard:

We understand some of our customers may face challenges in getting their headboard upstairs due to size constraints. Therefore, we can offer to manufacture a smaller, tailor-made headboard to suit your needs. The cost of this service, which includes shipping and manufacturing, would be at cost price, falling within the range of £150 to £250, with no additional profit charged by us.

Option 3: Two-Piece Headboard:

Another solution is for us to create a split headboard from the ground up. This design, comprising two parts, is easy to dismantle and reassemble. Like the previous option, the customer would cover the costs of shipping and manufacturing, again without us charging any profit. The price is within the range of £150 to £250.

Option 4: Local Carpenter Service:

Our most cost-effective recommendation is to engage a local carpenter to carefully split your existing headboard from the back, ensuring the front fabric remains untouched. Typically completed within an hour, this service usually costs between £40 to £80. To assist, we can provide a detailed guide to ensure the carpenter successfully completes the job.

If you have paid for fitting, please note that this service can be arranged once the headboard issue has been resolved and it’s upstairs in your room.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We’re here to guide you through these options and assist you in finding the best resolution for your particular situation. We remain committed to making this process as seamless and stress-free as possible for you.