All You Need To Know About Ottoman Storage Beds

An ottoman storage bed is a great solution when it comes to maximising bedroom space. The design of the bed allows you to store items like extra bedding, clothing and other bulky items in the space beneath the mattress. This saves much-needed room in the bedroom for other furniture or activities.

End Lift Ottoman Beds
The end lift ottoman is the most popular type of ottoman storage bed. It features a gas-powered piston located at one end of the base, allowing you to easily open up the entire storage area with a gentle press on either side. The mattress remains intact during this process, providing a seamless experience when accessing your stored items.

Benefits Of Having An Ottoman Bed
Ottoman beds have several advantages over traditional beds with drawers or under-bed storage options:
• They provide easy access to your stored items without moving furniture around – pull up the base of the bed, and voila!

• They can hold more weight than traditional drawers or under-bed storage units because they’re designed to store heavier items like spare mattresses, blankets and pillows.

• They provide additional comfort by allowing you to adjust how much weight is resting on your mattress while sleeping – perfect for sleepers who suffer from back pain or joint stiffness.

• They can also serve as seating areas when not in use as a bed, making them perfect for small bedrooms that don’t have enough room for additional seating options like chairs or couches.


Whether you’re looking for an efficient way to store extra bedding and clothing in your bedroom or need extra furniture without taking up too much room, an ottoman storage bed could be just what you’re looking for! With their easy-access design and adjustable weight support system, these beds can help you maximize space while still providing excellent comfort throughout the night. If you are looking for a great solution for organising your belongings while saving valuable floor space in your bedroom, then an ottoman storage bed may be exactly what you need!

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